Its me?? yeah

we are the performers and organizers APTIKOM, the biggest event Telkom Polytechnic

                Learning is a matter that should be done by every human being, including me, I keep learning to understand life, not to understand the lessons of nature, or technology, but more importantly is how to understand ourselves and others. indeed a very common thing, but I think this thing is very important. Starting this Day, the day when me and my friends I was invited home to one of the officials I campus.

                a girl’s name was Nina’s mother, Mrs. Nina is a very familiar figure among children’s marketing division, and also among the choir team. she is a woman who very good, hardworking and beautiful, and she already takes ages, age about 40 years.but her face, her social and her look like a still young. The plan, our Saturday team choir will visit his house, because it will make the meal-feeding after our show choir team diacara APTIKOM, campus’s largest IT event in Indonesia.We also plan to arrive after the maghrib prayer, using motor vehicle
                Our 10 people leaving from campus even though it rained. increasingly distant, increasingly heavy rain, but do not release the intention and spirit of our home to mom nina or rather the spirit to eat hehehe antapani after entering the region, we were looking for a house which is said to be diperumahan ancamanik with a clear address, we were looking for him.
                Although very difficult to find the house, we finally found a big house across the street though holes, accompanied by the area surrounding the racetrack house. Large white house visible from the street, the house looks quiet from the outside, quiet does not mean no one, but we thought that we were wrong house. Not long a middle-aged woman came out and opened the door after we were convinced by the big house.
                “Hey you guys rain??”, Said the woman, “she was our mother’s rain,” without wonder and astonishment we did not expect to see the figure of Mrs. Nina in a small corner house Door magnificent. “Come in, bike stored in garage,” said the pretty old lady. We also entered into the house, we were greeted by a very good pet, there are cats, birds, snakes, ducks, dogs, tigers, horses, bears, etc.. haha I’m kidding, just welcomed a beautiful cat.
                Cat is also a month thereafter my friends. We also clean up the wet clothes from the rain, after that, not long after the food has been presented, we are very pleased to welcome the arrival of this one, because in fact this is a goal we previously hehe ..
Food was served very luxurious, there are chicken, vegetables, juice, sauce, tofu, and crackers, which is very comprehensive menu for a dinner dish.
                After dinner we had a vent session, here the mother of his experience in college nina, nina mother there to give encouragement to us about a struggle and a love,
this is where we look with awe how the struggle nina mother first, making it into a strong and active woman and also a hard worker.
                We should be able to, can change for the better again, no matter the limitations, because according to mom nina limitation is a creativity that can be used by us and not owned by anyone else.

I became chairman of the committee at the First Ospek Jurusan event at the Polytechnic Telkom for the Department of Information System

TOSSI (Training Of Student Information System)
                Very valuable experience that was when I was elected as chairman of hazing called TOSSI majors. Hazing department managed by my department that is HMMI hazing system this information is first held since the campus was founded. Because hazing is hazing is the first so many who disagree held. But I’m still excited to run this event.
TOSSI began Saturday night and ended Sunday morning, there are so many experiences that I get. Not only the committee, but the experience of being a man of mutual respect for each other.

                I thank God now been accepted in the marketing crew. This is the opportunities that I should not waste it to reach my goal to become a businessman. I want a lot to learn about marketing. now I feel very happy, because it can go to college while working in marketing telecom polytechnics. This becomes a great opportunity that I now have.

Ikhsan Ramadhan

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