My Dreams For Other People

ideals is the hope of every person, as well as I, have a big goal that I set apart for others.
surely everyone will be confused to see my ideals, because my goal is to become a useful for others, how the specifications? I will try to describe the
short-term goals to long term.
have a company, is an aspiration that I will achieve after graduating from college, after graduation I will try to not send your application file into a well-known office, but
I hope when I graduate people who will enter the application file to my company, my company will be engaged in the IT field, this company is my path with my friends, is how to initially
working on smaller projects such as web, software and a simple network.
These ideals become a priority for my company will be beneficial for others.
after short-term goals, medium-term goal is trade, this is the ideal that I also want to make happen, I would trade all kinds of merchandise that are useful for everyone, even if I can
create new products or restaurant, these ideals is an effort which I am referring to my family, I would hire my brothers who are unemployed.
Long-term ideals, I would like to have a tiered schools, from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and high school, it became a goal I intended as a service
I told people, I will teach all the science I’ve got and scored graduates who have the vision and the same vision as me, which makes Indonesia productive rather than consumptive.

Ikhsan Ramadhan

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