Working together, laugh together, eat together and LEARNING TOGETHER!

we always laugh together, learn together and never complained

Over half semerter, I just now understand this course

Today as usual and my marketing friends crew performing their duties to manage the road show.

After time in the afternoon, we had not rushed home. but our initiative to study together in the conference room marketing. namely software engineering courses (RPL). because we have an exam tomorrow at 2 pm.

Funny incident occurred during a discussion about, it turned out after our mutual sharing of knowledge that different professors taught the class. we found a different understanding. whose fault is this? and finally we decided to agree to study this course by itself. haha.

Laughter emerge during the learning undertaken. sometimes we are very funny if you see the icons in this subject in the form of objects of everyday. but the point we know that, how busy we are in doing the work, we still can learn together, surely it is only in the marketing crew. Thanks.

The following are photos of our current study

it turns out we’re not just smart right brain, but we also left brain smart

Ikhsan Ramadhan

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