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Motor is one tool or vehicle that is a primary need for solid human labor mobility, moving from one place to another. especially for me, a young man hanging out a lot and definitely a lot of places I visit, whether just hang out, work, and school. private motor into my dream when my senior high school, and hopes to have a sporty motor. With iming iming if I made it into the state senior high school I would buy a motorcycle by a father, and thank God I managed to get in, and get a Honda motorcycle brand, exactly 110 cc Honda Supra Fit. The motorcycle is arguably the latest in a year, around the year 2006
This is my first bike
Motorcycles are vehicles that accompany me everywhere I go, until high school class, I was 3 senior hogh school, I still use the bike, but when three high school classes, this has been my motor bike GP time adopting modifications, namely Valentino Rossi on the Repsol Honda team.
Repsol Honda Valentino Rossi (Supra Fit 2005 110 cc)

This motor became motot my pride, because this bike has a very unique design, and similar to the motor Valentino Rossi in Moto GP. This kind of motor version of a duck. At first people laughed in my bike this concept, but here more and more other motor adopts GP motorcycle design, even one motorcycle manufacturer Honda also make motor adopt a variant of the design of my bike, and this is a pride.
This is a variant that is similar to my motorcycle
Motor modifications that I have reformed back to its original shape Honda Supra Fit, because the motor that will I bring to Bandung, where I continued college education. because my house is quite far from campus, so I have to bring this bike for everyday vehicles. years, and now almost two years motor Supra Fit accompany my trip, including round-trip from Bandung – Bogor and vice versa for 2 years, but the motor was still strong even harder. But how well, this bike is the motor of my father, and must be returned to Bogor as it will be used by my brother, so this bike must go home to Bogor, on January 22, 2011. and thank God at that moment my dream come true to be able to buy my own bike hard work. namely Mio Sporty motorcycle 133 cc, 2011, following his photographs.
Side View
Look Closer
Front View
looking back
Thank God, I could buy this bike, and now this motor replaces the version of the Honda Repsol version Honda Supra Fit me with a version of the Fiat Yamaha version Mio Sporty than 133 cc Yamaha. Logo Rossi moved to Yamaha, so I was also moved. This motor now I give the name “ROSSI”, or New Generation ROSSI 2011. who accompanied me in the future in this activity.

Ikhsan Ramadhan

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