CBT = Remembering The Past

Today there are new jobs in marketing, namely to maintain exam Computer Based Test (CBT), work overseeing test students prospective students who want to choose Telkom Education as berths in the pursuit of ideals. silent, sit about two hours, in air-conditioned room while browsing and occasionally monitor the exam candidate, it becomes a unique experience. but there are no really attractive side, but suddenly I thought about one and a half years ago.
Exactly one and a half years ago, before the national exam, I intend to continue attending college, it is a destination full of fantasy, because I dikeluarga no mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, brother or uncle who savor college bench, so my first sort . with reckless capital, I was just given the money USD. 250.000, – by the father to buy a college English test forms, why it can be spelled wrong? because it is only my chance to buy one form, if I am wrong choice then the form will be canceled university.
With the ideals of the company, I have the courage to buy Telkom form for testing in the field of education, institutions under the PT. Telkom, the company that my desire to work there, according to this test is difficult and there is a money game in terms of revenue there. no longer think I took the test wave 1 with a minimum donation fee of two million dollars. 
A few days later I started to take the test, it is hard indeed, but I do my best and full of confidence. after the announcement, published, and I finally accepted at the Polytechnic Telkom, experts dijajaran district education institutions between telecom majors informatics management, and both my parents I am grateful to be accepted at the college of my dreams, but this is just a first step, and next steps I must pass in order to graduate with cumluade.

Ikhsan Ramadhan

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